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Related article: Date: Tue, 6 Sep 2005 21:59:09 +1000 From: Rob Newell Subject: AFL Men Part 7Nick Riewoldt had recently been named as captain of St Kilda and he was looking forward to the year ahead. Being named as the captain was a highlight to his career and it was something he was proud of, as well running Naked Preteen Girls the Waterside Hotel with a few other players.One Thursday night, he had held a party and numerous players went to it and it was a fun night for everyone. At 1:00 Friday morning only Nick and Shane Woewodin remained at his place."Guess I should say congrats for the captaincy then" Shane said, sitting down next to Nick with a beer in his hand."Thanks mate. It was good to be named. How are things down at Collingwood?" Nick replied."It's ok. I think it might be Bucks's last year. His ageing you know.""Yeah I suppose we all have our use by time. You look tired you know that?""Well, it is 1 in the morning" Shane replied and they both laughed. "Seriously, Mick has been working us hard for this year; we all have the aim to be the winner in September.""Well, not before we do. Lets head for a swim mate; we have nothing better to do."Shane just nodded as they both went out to the pool. They stripped down to their underwear; Nick in red briefs and Shane in grey boxer-briefs and went in."Looks like the training has been paying off" Nick said. "You have a good looking body on you.""Thanks mate. The training has had that benefit which is good. You're not looking too bad yourself.""Can I tell you something Shane? But don't tell anyone ok?" Nick asked apprehensively."Sure mate. I won't say anything to no one." Shane responded, wondering what on earth Nick could have to confess. He instantly thought that it must be something bad and prepared himself for the worst."Well, I am gay and I really want to get it on with you" Nick said, sheepishly and afraid that Shane might punch him out."Well, I guess it's something that many people hide nowadays and so well. For the record, you ain't the only gay one around."With this Shane moved over to Nick and started kissing him, as well as feeling his cock through his briefs."That's a nice cock you have on you Nick." Shane said, before diving back in and shoving his tongue down Nick's throat.The tongue duelling continued for a while, with Nick grabbing Shane's arse and cock through his briefs and Shane making Nicks cock tent his hot red briefs.Shane then pulled Nick's briefs down to reveal a thick 9" uncut cock, surrounded by blonde pubes."Naturally blonde are we?" Shane asks with a smile.Nick nodded. "Yeah, I just wanted to stick out from the blondes, so I went peroxide.""I can see that. Do you trim down there as well?""Yeah, I know others who love it trim." Nick responded as he pulled Shane's boxer-briefs down and chucking them over the edge of the pull, next to his pair of briefs. "You're not all that bad yourself. What is that 7"?""Close" Shane said. " 8" uncut all waiting for you."Nick then moved lower and licked Shane's neck, before going lower to his left nipple licking it all around before moving to the right. Shane could only give in to the pleasure that Nick was giving him.Nick then licked lower and lower, over the washboard abs. He then pushed Shane onto the edge of the pool before he started licking the tip of the 8" cock, and as he did he also moved a finger to Shane's hot hole and started massaging it."MMMMMMMMMM" Shane could only moan and run his hands through Nick's hair as the pleasure he was feeling started becoming better and betterNick then moved down to the base of the cock, slowly going lower and lower at the same time as he inserted his finger all the way in Shane's hot arse. Shane found himself getting hotter and hotter, and all he could do was spread his legs further apart giving Nick easier access.Nick began to bob his add up and down on the hot cock, as he added a second, then a third finger to the arse. He pulled the fingers out before slamming them back in again.Going back down, Nick could taste the taste of Shane's pubes in his mouth as he began to move faster and faster on the cock, determine to make Shane have the best orgasm that he had ever had in his life."Nick, it needs to be filled" Shane moaned huskily; determined to be filled by the cock of this mega stud.Nick then stopped his fingering and sucking and turned Shane around, before diving into his hot arse with his tongue, lapping it up as much as he could."Get in there, lick it bitch!" Shane moaned again.As Nick continued to give Shane the best rim job he could, Nick started lapping up a familiar test that he had tasted before. It was someone's hot cum, left over in the hot arse of the hot Collingwood player."Been fucked earlier on have we?" Nick asked."Yeah, earlier on this evening." Shane replied, desperate for Nick to continue his rim job."Who was it?" Nick demanded."Bucks. We were the only ones at the Lexus Centre, so Naked Preteen Girls he fucked me in the change rooms for over two hours."Nick moaned at this and dived back in, tasting the cum of the football mega stud that is Bucks. He then came back up for air."He must have shot a few times?" Nick enquired."Yeah, and it was simply overflowing immediately after." Shane replied.At this point, both guys were simply hot, hard and extremely horny and they wanted a fuck. So Nick pulled Shane back into the water, turned him around and rested against his back, his cock tip against Shane's entrance."You want this cock Shane? Huh? You want this monster in side of you?""Oh hell yeah Nick." Shane said as he leant back, grinding himself against Nick's monster cock. "I want you to fuck me like Bucks did; hard and rough. I want to feel your cum flow in amongst my captains, my master's.""Oh hell yeah." Nick moaned as he slammed his cock all the way into Shane. "Is this hw you take it? Is this how Bucks and Rocca fuck you, all night long, pumping their cocks in you, breeding you?"Shane could only moan, the feeling of cock amongst the cum extremely powering. Shane nodded and as soon as Nick saw this, he withdrew his cock until only the tip remand left."I'm going to bread your hot Collingwood slutty arse." Nick said.He then slammed his cock back in, filling Shane up. Shane loved the hot cock ride, he just loved being Naked Preteen Girls dominated by all the hot players and Nick was certainly hot, talking dirty as he slammed his way in and out."You love this, you dirty cum rag" Nick said, slamming his cock in as hard as he could.Inch by inch, he took it back out before slamming it back in, keeping up the fast pace as he slammed harder and harder enjoying the hot piece of arse that was submitting to him."Oh Nick, you really feel every inch of your hot cock" Shane moaned."Sluts like you normally do feel it al" Nick said continuing the hot fuck, every thrust getting him closer and closer to cumming.As he did, he started jacking Shane's cock off wanting both of them to cum from this hot experience.For the next few moments, all could be heard was the fucking that was going on in the pool, water flying everywhere and very shortly, cum as well."GOD, I'M CUMMING!!!!!!!!!" Nick yelled and shot his load into Shane and the feeling of another load in his arse, as well as the hand jacking him off, caused Shane to shoot his load all over the edge of the pool and Nick's hand.They then pulled themselves out of the pool, simply exhausted and wet into the house and collapsed on Nick's bed."That's the biggest load I have shot in days" Nick said leaning over to kiss Shane, swapping saliva with him."Yeah, it will be dripping out of me for days." Shane responded."For your masters to taste" Nick said with a grin."Yeah. They'll be enjoying that I can tell you that."
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